Ways to Increase the Battery Life of Your LG G3

Battery performance is one of the important features of a phone, which is considered by most of us before buying one. When talking about smartphones, LG G3 is one of the reputable names because of the various features offered by the phone and its appreciable performance, it is considered as a good phone by many.

With outstanding camera quality, fast processing speed and ease of use, this phone has attracted a lot of consumers. However, some consumers have reported about the short battery life of the phone, which is a serious issue because everyone needs a phone that can serve them for longer hours.

There are several methods through which you can extend the battery life of your LG G3 phone as well as other Android phones. All you need to know is the correct methods and their implementation to increase the life of your phone’s battery.

Avoid automatic functioning of some features

Features like auto-update and auto-sync can consume a lot of power which can result in the fast battery drain. We usually need to sync settings to get the important email notifications or news updates from the related installed apps, but frequent notifications and notifications for updates are big harm for the battery life of our phone.

To extend the battery life of your LG G3, you must disable some auto syncs to avoid consumption of power from your phone’s battery by irrelevant apps.

Know the battery settings properly

The solution to a problem related to your device sometimes lies in your hands, only if you are well-aware of your device and you have the knowledge of how to use it properly. To do so, you should visit the settings of your phone and open the battery option to know the cause of fast battery drain of your phone.

Some apps run continuously and hence drain a lot of the battery’s power. You can select and click on these unnecessary apps to stop them and clear cache. You can also opt to turn on the battery saver option to get your LG G3 battery extended.


Snapdragon BatteryGuru is one such app, which can help you greatly to save your LG G3’s battery if you install this one on your phone. This app is designed very intelligently to know the way you are using your phone, and also can identify the reasons for which it’s suffering.

The most beneficial thing about using this app is that it doesn’t require user configuration. It has the ability of self-learning and is capable of solving the issues of short battery life by making few relevant changes. This is really a wonderful app which can smartly help you to get your LG G3’s battery life extended incredibly.

GPS settings

To track your location with the help of GPS your phone needs an extra consumption of power. Tracking locations are sometimes necessary, but some social networking sites can keep using your phone’s GPS to track locations, even when it is not required.

In that scenario, it is suggested to keep your location services turned off to help your phone save its battery.

Keeping your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off, when not required, and managing the brightness level of your phone can also help you to get an extended battery life.